Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shagrat's First Ever Giveaway

Tuesday 20th of September would have been Harry Labs Twelfth birthday so I'd like to mark this day by hosting a giveway to honour and celebrate his life..... and to thank some of my regular followers for their support.

Harry in his element indulging his favourite outdoor pursuits, collecting sticks and getting wet.

At home Harry was no different he loved playing with his vast array of toys, of course he did grow bored of some of them over time accumulating a large toy graveyard but Harry definitely had a few firm favourites... One particular longtime favourite was a toy he found himself in the park whilst walking with my dad, of course Harry didn't leave it behind....

Now here are the rules to win the giveaway prize. On Tuesday I will upload ten pictures of some of his favourite toys with a number and a name, all you have to do is guess which one Harry found under a bush and brought home to add to his stash.

Remember that once a toy has been chosen by a blogger you cannot pick the same one so it is vital you look back at what others have chosen. Just leave a comment with the number and name of the toy. Once all the toys have been picked I will announce the winner, now I don't get lots of traffic on here so if I'm struggling to get all ten toys picked you might have to help me out by spreading the word around. The competition is open to all regardless of location and you don't need to be a follower.

Here is the prize on offer a colourful bird box, I was going to giveaway something doggy but then not everyone has a dog. Most bloggers like birds don't they? The only stipulation is... if you win it please report back with pictures and a few words if you are lucky enough to get a lodger. I might do a very small consolation prize for the person who chooses the toy that Harry relentlessly roughed up over the years;-)

Goodluck to you all.... Remember pictures uploaded on Tuesday 20th.

P.S Goodluck Phil Rob and Karl running the Great North Run for Help The Hospices Today. Have a great day chaps....


  1. He certainly was a beautiful dog Debs. The year has gone so quickly.

    Great idea for your 'giveaway'.

  2. What a wonderful way to honor your long time friend. He was a beauty.

  3. Hi Deb...What a great way to honor and celebrate Harry's life and birthday...A part of the family in many ways!!