Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Mexican Wildlife

Mexico Riviera Del Maya Seaside suites

Pelicans circled and dived for fish all day long

Ctenosaura spinytail Iguana
We travelled to Mexico last month for two weeks with our friends Warren and Justine, it was a complete break from our usual destinations having never been abroad for the last fifteen years. I never wanted to go anywhere without my dog Harry so we always travelled to places in the UK and loved it. Not being a sun worshipper I  was a bit worried boredom would set in but it was a wonderful experience mainly due to the good company, food and of course the wildlife and fauna. This complete cultural change was just what I needed at a time when stress levels were pretty high and I was feeling at a low point. This trip has definitely spurred me on to do more travelling. On the down side my allotment was a right mess but I have plans and more energy to set that right. Justine those body massages were the business;-)