Friday, 29 April 2011

Dandelion Wine

Yarrow at Oakmoon studio posted a recipe for Dandelion wine which I couldn't resist making once I'd seen it. Those who read my blog will know that I've made sloe gin, elderberry and blackberry wine before, so far elderflower champagne comes top as the best tipple. Once the idea was in my head that was it .... The next day I went to a field near where I work with bucket in hand to pick 4/5 pints worth, pretty easy really as these weedy plants are so abundant. Picking the green bits off once I got them home was another matter it took me about an hour and a half and I ended up with very orange sticky fingers;-(. As you can see the juice is quite orange resembling wee wee a bit. By the way I can confirm its a myth about the bed wetting

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cherry Blossom

The cherry tree in my front garden is in full bloom at the moment but it is only a fleeting Barbara Cartland bonanza before my postage stamp lawn becomes a sumptuous pink carpet. People have commented that the blossom seems abundant this year but perhaps its just down to the mild stillness of the weather, not windy at all and remember last year at this time I'm sure the lawn was frosted even a foot deep in snow....

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Progress On The Allotment

I'm really chuffed ......Well done Dave and Phil the new 12 foot greenhouse is looking pretty damn good. All THEY... need to do now :-), is the guttering for the waterbutt a couple of block for the front steps and fill two beds with qood quality soil. Lucky me... Now the lads have shed blood sweat and tears over its construction I'll get the opportunity to bed in a few of my favorite plants..... Ya can't have too many chilli plants can you. I planted Black Pearl back in February the seeds cost three quid for six seeds a tad expensive, but if all germinate suppose its not too bad. All six did come up but only three were what I'd call 'vigorous'..... unfortunately the other three plants are still tiny in comparison. This chilli plant looks really attractive even at this early stage with its dark green to black foliage, apparently the spherical chilli peppers turn black to red. The added bonus of course is that you can scoff em. Gotta go just spotted out of the corner of my eye the little mofo responsible for the absence of my peas.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hello Whats This

Spotted this cute little creation in front of the old Yew tree as I walked back out of the nature garden at Pleasington. Funny thing is though, I must have walked right passed him on the way in. Must remember to switch my nature sense on in future. I wonder how long he will last?