Saturday, 16 April 2011

Progress On The Allotment

I'm really chuffed ......Well done Dave and Phil the new 12 foot greenhouse is looking pretty damn good. All THEY... need to do now :-), is the guttering for the waterbutt a couple of block for the front steps and fill two beds with qood quality soil. Lucky me... Now the lads have shed blood sweat and tears over its construction I'll get the opportunity to bed in a few of my favorite plants..... Ya can't have too many chilli plants can you. I planted Black Pearl back in February the seeds cost three quid for six seeds a tad expensive, but if all germinate suppose its not too bad. All six did come up but only three were what I'd call 'vigorous'..... unfortunately the other three plants are still tiny in comparison. This chilli plant looks really attractive even at this early stage with its dark green to black foliage, apparently the spherical chilli peppers turn black to red. The added bonus of course is that you can scoff em. Gotta go just spotted out of the corner of my eye the little mofo responsible for the absence of my peas.


  1. VERY nice! I hope you caught the little pea-picken' thief!!!