Monday, 30 August 2010

Funghi And Harry

Today started really bright with blue skies but quickly clouded over. Yesterday it was the opposite cloudy then blue skies. Phil refused to let me take the camera out with us yesterday until... he said, you've sorted out all those photos there's over three hundred on ere. Typically a photo opportunity of a kestrel hovering was missed grrrr, it was so close to us and wasn't bothered a jot that we were gaping over at in in wonder. It swooped down and pounced on the ground although I didn't see anything in its claws when it moved off. We went back today but there was no sign of him. Got this pic though of the unusual white mushy with the grey gills I suppose it will have to do. The other mushrooms pic were taken a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Green has got to be my favorite colour and was loved by my grandma Doris too. She had more slippers, scarves, bags and shoes in this colour than you could shake a stick at. I think green is so... refreshingly cool, tranquil and relaxing. That's part of the reason why Harry and I like it so much in Pleasington woods or any forest come to that.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Poirot The New Kit On The Block

This guy lives a couple of doors down from me along with about 5 other older cats. He's a bit of an adventurer already climbing trees like a regular monkey. He's a keen birder but I don't think he's caught anything yet. Can you guess why I called him Poirot?

Friday, 20 August 2010

Sunny Side up

No sun whatsoever down our neck of the woods but who cares when the flowers glow as radiant as these fellows. Not exactly sure what they are.... perhaps leopardsbane, perhaps not...

Well enjoy your weekend fellow bloggers, I'm off to make pizza, have a glass of the vino calapso and watch Gardeners World. Heavenly;-)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Amber Nectar seekers

Speckled Wood

Small tortoiseshells

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Harry gradually getting his mojo back after a really bad flare up of his elbow dysplacia. I know he won't be here forever but the time we do share has become even more special if that can be possible. It's really hard to contemplate life without him but I have to respect the fact that my lovely big fella is knocking on a bit and a time may come when I have to make a decision for the right reasons and not for my own selfish wants. This record by Goldfrapp reminds me of the bitter sweet nature of owning a dog. Nature always takes it's course despite human intervention and what we might desire. To feel pain is part and parcel of being human

Sloe Gin

Lots of other people seem to be making sloe gin these days but where are all these sloes to be found? The other week I came across this bush which was covered in bloom covered purple berries, could these be what I'm looking for? Even after looking on the net I'm not convinced that they are what I want them to be. Those in the know say that the berries contain a stone and very little flesh. These berries do indeed have a stone inside, so can anybody confirm whether this is a sloe. Still there's lots of time to make my mind up because the best time to pick the berries are after the first frost.