Saturday, 7 August 2010


Harry gradually getting his mojo back after a really bad flare up of his elbow dysplacia. I know he won't be here forever but the time we do share has become even more special if that can be possible. It's really hard to contemplate life without him but I have to respect the fact that my lovely big fella is knocking on a bit and a time may come when I have to make a decision for the right reasons and not for my own selfish wants. This record by Goldfrapp reminds me of the bitter sweet nature of owning a dog. Nature always takes it's course despite human intervention and what we might desire. To feel pain is part and parcel of being human


  1. I'm glad to hear that Harry is feeling better. My little Cairn Terrier, Kobi, is having a few issues himself at the moment - though I'm certain he will be just fine again in a few days.

    You are right about the emotional difficulties that go along with having a pet - and also about it being worthwhile, nonetheless.

  2. Look at his sweet expression. Well said about making a decision. I know it's hard but letting go is part of life. We know sadness in order to appreciate laughter more.

    Happy weekend!

    A Bear Sighting

  3. He is beautiful. I know it is such pain when you have to say goodbye, but they give so much when they are with us.

  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

    I know how you feel about a beloved pet. They are so much more to us than just companions, they create a hole that few can fill. I have a very elderly cat who is too stubborn to leave me, despite being a great age and having health problems. May you have as long as possible with Harry and I hope his mojo soon returns.x

  5. Harry is a beautiful handsome boy! I'm glad his elbow is better. I can understand your dreading of saying goodbye to him. I have missed the animals in my life much more than I've ever missed a human.

    I remember when I lost my beloved Jessi, someone said to me "if you had known it was going to hurt so bad to loss her would you still have gotten her?" I had to answer yes.

  6. That is a beautiful photo. The expression on Harry's face just plucked at my heart. Really, truly it did.