Sunday, 25 September 2011

And The Winner Is?

Congratulations go to Trish from Life As I See It... you guessed correctly. Doogy was the toy Harry found in the park. Email me your address and I will send the bird box off to you. Was it the scruffiness that made you pick it?

Also congratulations to Matron at Down On The Allotment, Lioney was the most vigorously ruffed up toy by far.... I had to strategically photograph him so you could not see the holes where the stuffing was coming out. Consolation prize consisting of two knitted mice goes to you. These two cute colourful critters were made by Linda at Shabby Tiger, Handmade.

Thanks to everyone who took the time out to enter my little competition. Cheers


  1. It's amazing how many stuffed doggy chewed toys I have had to repair,

  2. Congratulations to Trish.
    Great idea for the post Debs.

  3. Congratulations to Trish, she's won a wonderful prize. What a fun giveaway, very fitting for Harry's birthday.

  4. Excellent prize! Leo will enjoy them! xx

  5. HI Deb...a fun post this was in honor of Harry!!
    Congrat's to Trish !!

    My heavens those mice are adorable!!lol


  6. WOW!! How awesome is that!! thank you

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words. I've come so close to walking away from this pony, but I think maybe I may be able to deal with the long journey ahead!