Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Shagrat's First Giveaway competition

Which one of these toys did Harry find in the park? Remember the rules, 1 guess only and you can't choose the same toy as someone else. See previous post for rules and prize info.

1. Piggy

2. Snaky

3. Monstar

4. Liony

5. Dumdum

6. Dino

7. Doogy

8. Foofer

9. Bally Wally

10. Bottle


  1. Well I'm going to have to guess Liony.. because he looks like my Leo!

  2. Great selection of toys Debs.
    I'm going to go with #9 Bally Wally :-)

  3. First can I say how impressed I am that Harry didn't disembowel any of the stuffies and the chew toys are still intact!

    Hope you are filled with good and happy memories of your wonderful boy on this day.

    I'll go with #7 the doogy.

  4. Hi Debbie...I am going with #6 Dino : }
    Looks like what some kid might lose in the park...but then again who knows.. lol

    Hope all is well

  5. I was going to go with Dino but I've just been pipped to it, so I'll go with number 5 Dumdum instead. What a lovely way to remember Harry's birthday.

  6. I forgot to mention, I've popped a note of your giveaway on my sidebar.

  7. Haha wonderful to see... Piggy is my favourite.

  8. I am not so sure but I am going with Liony.

  9. Sorry Eileen but Lioney has already been chosen earlier by another blogger. There are still a few toys left that have not been picked yet.

  10. I'll choose Bally Wally because our dog is always finding lost balls

  11. sue bally wally has already been chosen by keith so you will need to pick a toy that has not been chosen before

  12. Sorry - I thought I'd read through but hadn't been careful enough. I'll try Monstar if that is still available

  13. I like the bally wally, my dog will love that hehehe. I think most of it were chosen already.

    Beautiful shots.!

    My critters, please come by when you get a chance, have a blessed Sunday!

  14. Oh, Deb...I just saw that photo of Harry on Michael's blog and it made me so sad. He sure was a sweetheart, wasn't he? I thought I had expressed my sympathy at some point but perhaps I was just thinking it. In any case, it's very touching that you're giving his toys away...I know they'll be treasured by anyone who is lucky enough to win one!