Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Italian Style Herby Bread

I spent most of the afternoon making this Italian style herby bread with sundried tomato, basil and rosemary. Lots of kneading, allowing to rise, knocking back and then allowing to prove again before baking, The rosemary was freshly picked from my allotment plot this very morning along with some mixed salad. Its lovely and crunchy with a tasty rock salt topping and I was dead chuffed with the outcome, a long process but worth it, or so I thought. When asking my brother about it he said "its alright" ;-) Then Phil came home from work and I said "look what I've made" he promptly got the butter out and helped himself to a slice of white Warburtons bread... I don't know why I bother.


  1. You know all is gratefully received old girl. :)

  2. Pop the next batch in the post. Sounds delicious :-)

  3. Deb's sound and looks like it was right out of a cooking magazine!! Sun-dried tomatoes and basil love the sound of that!!
    Bread puts the pounds on for me, but kneading your own bread should burn up some calories!! : }