Monday, 19 May 2014

Allotment progress

Lavender and lemon balm grown from seed. The thyme and sage should have been planted directly into the bed but some ants have sneakily built a nest under the plants. Seems a shame to hoof em out?
The allotment is coming along nicely at the moment and this year I want to try to make the most of the plants that are growing. Although I only have one decent sized rhubarb plant I managed to make a little bit of rhubarb cordial (1 and a half bottles), it has a syrupy consistency and quite a spicy kick from the star anise, nice neat with some ice or just add water to make a cordial.  Really I could do with about four or five plants so I can store a few more bottles over the summer. According to Sarah Raven by adding citric acid you can store it for quite a while. This flower is a Geum which I bought for fifty pence from a stall in a church graveyard last year. I planted it next to my apple tree and it has just come into flower, there are loads of tiny orangey buds waiting to unfurl.


rhubarb cordial recipe from Sarah Ravens website


  1. Most people have custard with their rhubarb Debs.

    I think I prefer your version, with some ice.

  2. well I've still got enough left for a bit of crumble

  3. You'll have enjoyed that cordial today!

  4. Now if I had some rhubarb, I'd make a nice rhubarb custard meringue dessert. Yum.

  5. Sounds yum to me sparrow, if you have recipe to hand please post I'd love to try it

  6. Deb's.. lovely magazine photographs you've missed your calling : } !!
    The Geum and the rhubarb cordial colors a lovely!!
    I have a great bunch of rhubarb, wish you had it, I never use all of it!!

    Love the smell of Lemon Balm!!