Friday, 23 May 2014


Can I grow a lemon tree from a pip? Silly question really but I did google this and got some great tips. First get your seed from the lemon and clean off any remaining flesh then put into a glass of water to see if any seeds float. Cool, all mine stayed at the bottom of the glass so they should all be viable. Another batch of seeds tested all floated which was a surprise so it's worth doing to save time soil and energy. Next dry the seeds then wrap in kitchen paper, put into a little container and store for a month in the refrigerator. Erm guess its watch this space for an update;-)


  1. It should work as I have a little baby lemon tree grown from a pip by a friend. Not sure it will ever have fruit but at the moment it sits on my living room window sill.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm just not sure it will reach the right size to fruit when kept in a living room in a pot. I may have a pleasant surprise.

  3. Good luck with this, I'll be looking out for future reports on how the pips do. Wonder if it's a long process?

  4. Deb's I probably will be ten feet in the grown before you get any lemons : } ,but it sounds like a fun thing to try !!
    Will be looking for any results!!


  5. Hehe won't we all Gracie, but you never know:-)

  6. Linda I will show my butt on the town hall steps if I ever get a lemon:-)