Friday, 16 April 2010

Bay Tree Dilemma

Looks like my Lovely container grown Bay tree has got the dreaded lurgy but I don't have a clue what it is. As you can see the leaves are very spotted and have started to turn yellow. Bay tree leaves are usually very dark green when they are in a healthy state. My Bay tree suffered from scale last year but I seemed to have eradicated the little horrors by wiping them off with a soapy solution. One of my concerns is that my Bay tree is not getting enough nutrients by being planted in a pot and is becoming susceptible to viruses. However I'm unsure whether it would be a good idea to plant the Bay straight into the garden, especially in its current condition. If anyone has any idea please could you let me know.


  1. No idea what's wrong with it.
    I'd replant it in another pot, fresh compost etc. and see how it gets on. Doesn't look too good though. :(

  2. Hi Captain Shagrat,
    Thanks for your nice comment on my Camera Critters post. Micheal left a comment later, teasing about you liking to say, "mini beasts". LOL As far as my header photo, I think yours is awesome! Where is that? If I'm reading right, you are in England.

    I'm enjoying reading your posts and looking at your wonderful photos.

    I'm not sure what is wrong with your bay plant. It almost looks like scales are still on it, or on it again. It's too cold where I live to have one in the ground. I've had one in a pot for several years. I didn't keep it watered well this winter, and we thought it may have died, but we put it outside in the shade, and it has new growth. I need to get it cut back. I wonder if it would help to cut yours back. Oh, I see this was written in April. How's the plant doing?