Friday, 25 September 2015

Stu The Frog

Last year Phil and myself went to Mexico for the first time and decided to have a go at snorkelling and scuba. We went snorkelling first at Akumal beach with a local guide and it turned out to be the highlight of the trip, just brilliant Turtles galore and although a bit scary we shared a short time with a spotted eagle ray. On the other hand the scuba was not a pleasant comfortable experience at all. I had absolutely no experience and for me it was too soon to be diving to 6 metres then 13 metres based on 20 minutes in a swimming pool and a half hour talk. My ears were blocked for the whole of the holiday after the initial flight so I could not equalise the pressure when I descended, then I  got seasick. When we came back Phil suggested enrolling at a dive club to do things proper and the rest is history... Here's Phil with one of the instructors diving at a flooded quarry called Capernwray near Morecambe.


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  1. So, this is the new hobby?
    Great stuff Debs. You're braver than me, but it looks a lot of fun.