Saturday, 31 July 2010

Snakes Without Shells

Back garden

I've worked in an optical lab in Blackburn for nearly twenty five years now, much of the time I'm on the phone to Swedish franchise holders answering queries. Most of the people in the shops can speak really good English so there arn't many problems. After asking me about the despatch times for a couple of his patients glasses, Bjorn from Sveavagen Sweden moved to some polite small talk.. He said...

You know.... It's like dis, (It's not a spelling mistake I'm trying to capture his Swedish lilt ;-) )

Are you troubled by dose ah... er... snails

No!!...Not snails....

What do you call them... Dose Dose...

"Snakes without shells"

You,ve got to laugh. To be fair I can't speak a word of Swedish so hats off to him.
at the front door

I think the pictures speak for themselves... So Bjorn's ravaged allotment is not alone. According to this months Gardeners world issue Slugs are the number 1 gardeners pest. My outside chilly plants have been scoffed to bits by the little blighters... Unfortunately the garden has the perfect housing for em, dry stone walls, I swear every crevice has a lodger...
But this is not the end of the story, help literally is at hand, we have froggies!!!. Lots of froggies. See also our Mick's blog over at Badylynge

PS: No slugs have been hurt as a consequence, i don't believe in pellets, beer drownings or squishing of any kind, although I have been known to take them for a long walk... All creatures have a place.


  1. Funny story, and I love the little frog, too. =)

  2. Cute...and funny too. Oh and your comment [Harry being 'intact' in the Ball department]

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh, that's priceless! I live in Sweden (am British) and the word for slugs is 'killer snails' - poor things... I don't destory them either.

  4. Haha! Thanks for the laugh today - I needed that!

  5. lol.....great post Debbie.
    Slugs and snails can be a real problem in the garden, but I just let them get on with it. It usually balances out eventually ;)

  6. what a wonderful story... love the tiny frog but I don't have the nerve to hold it.

  7. I. don't. like. slugs. This year, due to our warm and very wet spring, we are inundated with the critters. They have eaten the garden down to stalks and bare earth.

    Now, however, I will be giggling every time i see one ... "snakes without shells". Priceless!

  8. Cute post and I love your photos.

  9. Attack of the gastropods.
    Love the little froggy - not got my frog up yet on Badelynge. Not as cute as your little hopper.

  10. fun story and the frog is lovely ;-)

  11. Great story! That little frog is so darned cute, too. All of your photos are special.

  12. It's amazing where slugs can get we had them coming into our porch the slug trail showed they were coming between the door and frame - no unusual gaps either! We fixed copper tape around the inside of the door frame which seemed to do the trick!