Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pleasington Old Hall Wood Nature Reserve

There are a fabulous amount of woodland flowers on show at the moment, some I can put names to, others are a complete mystery. At top is a common favorite, as kids we called the dandelion clock the sugar stealer, without doubt one of natures best wind dispersal systems.
Cowslip I expected to see but this lonesome snakeshead was a surprise.

Can anyone put a name to the white flower with the yellow balls? The two main flowers in the picture look like they've been on the lash and are staggering back to the wood. Look how he's got his arm (stem) round the other for support;-)

1 comment:

  1. The Snakeshead is a beauty.
    I love seeing all the yellow dandelion flowers along the edges of the roads. Got loads here at the moment.
    No idea what the last one is. Looked through a couple of books, can't find it.
    I think 'lash plant' does rather nicely though. lol