Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ragged Robin?

This picture was taken back in October/Novemberish, I couldn't put a name to it until now. At first I thought  it was a Red Campion but on reflection thought the petals on this flower were too ragged.  After surfing a couple of woodland flower sites I stumbled on a flower called the Ragged Robin which is 'apt' and fits the bill better. It's not as unusual as Eileen's Pink Lady Slipper but is lovely all the same.


  1. What a cute name for the flower "Ragged Robin".
    Did you find a nice website for woodland or wildflowers?

  2. Yes here are the links


    Haven't been able to fathom how to paste live links into the comments section, if indeed this is possible?

  3. You can do it using html formatting in the comment. I'll show you how to do it sometime.

    Links are: CVNI Wilfdflowers
    and: The Westernisles Wildflowers

  4. ragged robin is lovely and not very common at all, nice find....