Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spooky Door

How spooky is this cellar door ?

Cellar door in the old Waterfall cotton mill

Sadly the old cotton mill in Blackburn Lancashire is no longer standing as it was demolished two years ago but we managed to get some nice photos of the inside before the heavy machinery rolled in. Most of the building was recycled including the slate roof tiles, Canadian maple wood floors and cast iron support columns. Appropriate for Halloween don't you think but just missing a few raggedy zombies. 


  1. That old door looks like it's right out of a haunted house.
    Perfect for Halloween!

    1. I have a gray tiger striped kitty but he's way too big and fat to fit in a pumpkin! I got that picture off of Facebook.

  2. Hi Debs... Nope you would get me to open that door "to creepy"!!
    There was 4 of cotton mills in Lewiston near by where I live but have been made in offices and apartment !! But most where taken down!!
    Like you said wonderful floors and columns!!

    Have a fun Halloween, maybe you can scare up a raggedy zombie or two!!


  3. I'd love that as a front door for my place.

  4. Looks like it could inspire a story. I used to use this technique with children when I was teaching. Give them a photo and a first sentence and let their imaginations run riot. I wonder what your first sentence would be?

  5. My brother Mick would be good at that Sue... His imagination and story telling is pretty good

  6. Keith you trying to scare away the public? You anti social so and so. Not a bad idea at all should have got it for myself;-)