Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gardening Bits & Bobs

Thank you to Sarina at Sarina's Allsorts blog for sending me this lovely gardening book. The book gives you a month by month guide when best to sow seeds,  how to cultivate and then harvest. Just what I need really because I'm unorganized and messy. The gift inspired me to sort myself out so I decided to treat myself to a few garden products. Well that's my excuse:-)

My seeds were in an old chocolate tin but I think this is much smarter. I don't usually spend money on stuff I don't really need but I've not spent owt for ages now so it's time for a treat. It's also my plan to be less of a scruff bag at home too but no doubt the tidying up bug  won't last long. You can't change nature can you.

My tomatoes did ok this year but I sowed too many again and the beefsteak too late in the year. I've just got one red beef tomato on my windowsill at the moment but all the rest are green.
Golden Sunrise and possibly Gardeners delight

This is a pic of my greenhouse down on the allotment, it's earlier in the year when it was still relatively tidy. The comfrey is a bit of rogue it keeps coming up but I haven't the heart to dig it out completely.


  1. Hey Deb..Awhhh.. Comfrey...I tried digging mine out last had taken over!eeeks!! I wanted to get rid of it in the garden because I have a bunch of it growing like wildfire in the far back side of the property,and I don't care out there ..the deer love the leaves : }!! Well that did not work well, because it seem if there is just a tiny piece of the tuber in the ground they go crazy, needless to say I have more then before.Yup!
    I go from spurt's of putting things in order, and am so excited how nice it look's..the in no time I am back to disorder, and who cares ; }!
    I so get you on that !
    I also like Super favorite!! I grew one in a pot on the deck this year...I got about 6 that turned red, but the rest got some spots while still green and did nothing!!
    Gardening can be unpredictable , so hope the new book gives you some good ideas, what a nice gift, and a treat now and then is nice, but I am like you when it comes to treating myself!!
    PS the G.S.Tomato looks yummy!!

  2. Comfrey in the greenhouse - that's brave - ours would try for plot domination it we allowed it to.

  3. It wasn't planned there must have been a bit of root in the ground then we build the greenhouse on top of it;-).

  4. looks like you've got a good harvest. We only have growing space on our windowsill, but we've had tomatoes (cherry), basil and salad leaves doing well. Coriander a total failure sadly this year!

  5. There is something so cheery about tomatoes ripening on a windowsill. And there is the anticipation of enjoying them when they reach the moment of perfection. Enjoy!

  6. Lucky you to win a gardening book. My tomatoes are the only thing that did well in my vegetable garden. I had so many tomatoes I started to give them away. I would have loved some beans and peas. Oh well...maybe next year! I envy you your little greenhouse. It must be great to have it in early spring.

  7. Thankyou for commenting on the baby mouse, I see you have your own Mickey who comes visiting :-)
    I love the look of that bread, I love sesame seeds.