Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wildlife At The Tranquil Otter

With key in hand Phil and myself set out to locate the Tranquil Otters bird hide somewhere along the perimeter of the Lough. It was quite a nice snug little place, with leather settee, chairs,binoculars and a visitor book. I like this photo of Phil coming over all twittery;-D.

Now in order to see stuff you probably have to hang around for quite a while and be prepared to visit at key times of the day. It was suggested dawn for the kingfisher so of course we
didn't see them. We did spot what looked like a kingfisher perch and a little twiggy nest in the water.
Think this may be a coot? One was sitting on the nest then climbed off swam into the reeds and like clockwork another swam over to sit on the nest. What great parents

He's behind you Phil......

Finally Phil got a great shot of the male chaffinch


  1. Yes definitely a coot. Trouble is we lack the patience to just sit for hours in a hide.

  2. I could have stayed in a while if I'd got a packed lunch and a flask of coffee:-). Btw the pictures expand now if you click on them, my bro put them right for me. Don't know what I was doing wrong

  3. it lol

    That's what I call I posh hide, with a settee. I'll have to have a word round here.
    Nice looking Chaffinch.

  4. Beautiful shot of the chaffinch! Thank you for your comment on my post. The answer is yes - you should be able to dry lime flowers in exactly the same way and a tea made with around 3grams of dried flowers is useful to ease headaches, particularly those caused by high blood pressure, and the early symptoms of flu and colds. Good luck!

  5. Great shots! I like the one where he is behind.

  6. I love your header....I feel as though I want to join the couple on that deserted beach.

    Yep, that's a coot.

    The hide sounds inviting.....

  7. looks like a lovely place to watch birds! Kingfishers can be very elusive, Ik now a place where one is supposed to turn up every day at 10.30am precisely. I've never seen it at that time though! definitely a coot, btw, though they're not always good parents and are known to kill their chicks sometimes...

    Thanks for your question about honey bees on my blog, I'd say that the best practice is to get a bee keeper to come along and collect them. They are in serious decline so it would be a sad thing to have them destroyed,