Thursday, 18 November 2010

5-1 For A White Christmas

Pictures of Bunkers Hill taken from my back bedroom over the christmas period last year. It seems some parts of Britain may see some snow as early as next week... Hope we don't though, not until Iv'e finished work on the 17th of December then it can do what it likes...


  1. That does look very nice Deb.
    Better in pictures though lol
    I'm not looking forward to winter; hope it doesn't snow here.

  2. Wow....beautiful scenes as long as it not my back yard yet..LOL
    I know it will arrive...who knows when but living in Maine USA ...its going happen!! : }

  3. Lovely to look at ... but I hate being out in it!

  4. such beautiful photos, I do wonder if it will be the same kind of snowy winter again this year?

  5. Very pretty photos, Deb. I love pictures of snow but I don't love being IN snow! We'll be getting plenty of it any day now, I think. And when we do, it'll be here until May.