Friday, 19 March 2010

Lazy Days

Got up nice and early this morning and had my usual cup of tea in my chair beside the patio door. It feels even better when you know there's no work today, Phil and I have both booked a personal day to enjoy a long relaxing weekend. As we've not been to the beach since before christmas we decided to go to Southport, Harry loves it, if you dont believe me go to my brothers blog site Badelynge to see him with his very sandy Mr Mannering tash.What a lovely day we had even though it was a bit on the breezy side. The sand was more muddy than usual, so Harry this time looked like he was sporting four brown pop socks :-). Damn should have took a piccy of it although I did get a sneaky quick video of Phil swilling the mud off them both. When we got home the crocuses albeit the two of them shone golden from beneath the cherry tree. Later from the kitchen window I saw my first bee, my first Wren of the year (ahhh) and was entertained by a daft little long tailed tit who had decided to give the edges of my kitchen window a good de-bugging.


  1. Looks like a nice day day there Deb.
    Like how that top pic creates the illusion that you can almost see the curve of the horizon.
    Good old Southport - no pesky hills.

  2. Lazy days, the best days. Glad you enjoyed it.