Sunday, 21 February 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Phil and I started visiting Pleasington Wood during the Autumn months of 2009 and every visit brings new and unexpected finds. Spring and summer are yet to come so I'm looking forward to whats ahead. I think there's a certain satisfaction in being aware of whats actually growing around you even if you can't identify everything on the spot. The Velvet Shank and Jews ear are two types of mushroom that we've never come across before but enjoyed identifying later.. The little green leafed plant is a cutting taken from a big mop white Hydrangea on our travels through the woods, looks like its taken;-). The top picture shows a climbing shrub, this plant  has looked the same for several months now and I cant wait to see this lovely plant in full bloom. The name of this plant alludes me, I don't even know what colour the petals will be. It could be a smaller flowering Hydrangea, I'll just have to wait and see. Instant gratification has its merits but some things are worth waiting for ar'nt they. These parrot tulip (Madonna) bulbs were planted in the ole tin bucket back in November, it will be at least another month and a half before they come into bloom. My grandad always said not to wish your life away, I don't intend to .... living and enjoying the moment is for me.


  1. Oh wow, your bulbs are ready to greet spring! Those mushrooms have lovely colors! :)

  2. Good post Deb. That top photo is super.